First on the list is

These guys are just starting up a site but have years of experience. They host a forum where you can get great tips on launching High Altitude Balloons. Be sure to look through and maybe become a member so you can talk with the other members. 

Next, you can find some great info at

This project was done by a young group of guys and they detailed the entire process from beginning to end. This should be a great help to any amateur balloonists looking for some how-to information. - This is a great resource to help with pre-launch calculations and information. There are multiple tools available. This site was originally developed by the Cambridge University SpaceFlight team (CUSF).

With the growing popularity of of High Altitude Balloon Photography, many people have taken it upon themselves to create online databases of knowledge regarding the topic. This space is dedicated to those sites that we here at Kaymont believe to be extraordinary sources for both experienced and amateur balloonists.
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