Kaymont Consolidated Industries

Who We Are

Kaymont is the world’s largest distributor of Totex balloons and has been providing the scientific community with a high quality, high performance product for more than 30 years. Kaymont balloons have been used in the U.S. Space Program for more than 15 years. Also, the National Weather Service launches Kaymont balloons everyday to provide information for daily weather forecasts. National ranges perform strategic balloon flights during the research and development of military hardware and Kaymont has supported the growing demand for high altitude balloon enthusiast’s photographing the earth from near space altitudes. Commercial users have launched Kaymont balloons for rocket releases at 100,000 feet, while others have lifted heavy payloads for unique and far reaching applications.


Why Use the Kaymont Balloon

Kaymont balloons are manufactured using the mold rotation system. This process has been in use for more than 65 years and continues to be the standard of the industry. The mold rotation process is significantly different than other manufacturing techniques resulting in a balloon that is strong, uniform in thickness and spherical in shape, essential factors required for achieving the best performance at high altitudes where extreme conditions are encountered.

A  reason for the high success rate of the Kaymont balloons in reaching burst altitudes can be attributed to the stringent quality control program in place. During each production run balloons are subjected to individual inflation inspection as well as random selection of production balloons for inflation to burst diameters. This includes balloon sizes from 30 gram through 3000 gram.

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